Card Acquiring

Online Payment Gateway

Here at EU Merchant Accounts we offer you an opportunity to integrate online payment gateway into your financial system. It is an easy, convenient and the most effective way to accept bank payments from all of your clients from EEA region. We offer several IT solutions for your business and all of them have a high level of data security which meets the PCI DSS level 1 standard, which means that our online payment gateway is safe and secure.

Advantages of working with us:

  • We accept payments in over 100 currencies
  • We use advantages of MOTO transactions
  • We quickly process all of your client payments
  • We easily handle recurring payments
  • We fully support 3D secure for VISA and Mastercard
  • We always monitor the setup for frauds and risks

Merchant Account

Any business company which has online representation will need a merchant account in order to accept payments via bank cards. Merchant accounts opened through our company allow you to accept VISA and MasterCard payments straight to your account, and then you can control all of the transactions via a current account in one of the Latvian banks at your discretion. Merchant accounts are one of the most developing business services in the online payments field, and by choosing EU Merchant Accounts we guarantee that you get the most flexible, secure, reliable and easy to manage solutions for your business.

Our advantages:

  • Simple and efficient setup process
  • We offer multicurrency accounts
  • We keep track of industry evolution, thus offer most actual solutions
  • We monitor systems for fraud 24/7

EU Merchant Accounts offer solutions for internet marketers whose business is related to subscription services and the need to carry out regular withdrawals from customer bank cards. Special MOTO transactions will allow you to collect your client’s bank details via mail or telephone orders and store them for future references. Such convenient solution increases the revenue of your business roughly by 7-15% as all online buyers prefer easy and secure payments via debit/credit cards rather than via 3rd party e-Wallets. Apart from the well-established VISA/MasterCard certified 3D secure identification process, EU Merchant Accounts also uses their own developed secure system which helps to monitor and manage risks of online payments gateways.