Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts are bank accounts which offer their services to companies and offshore businesses. The main difference between corporate accounts and personal and investment accounts is that corporate accounts are targeted directly at businesses, either online or offline.

In order to start your own company in Europe you need to open an account in a trusted bank in any country of your choice. Those reading this now might think that nothing can be easier than opening a bank account, but they forget that in the majority of the cases certain banks make the process of obtaining corporate accounts unbearably long and stressful.

Most of the banks have strict rules about opening bank accounts, one of which very often requires that the applicant has to come to the bank in person in order to open an account. It is acceptable in case you are planning to open a company in France and you personally live in Paris. In some cases, banks will also ask you to provide a fully translated and certified letter of introduction from your bank back home. These will incur additional charges as well as being slightly time consuming. Some banks don’t stop to amaze us by asking a minimum of €300,000 turnover of your business before you can even make an account with them. All those long and stressful procedures leave business owners with less motivation and confidence to get their European company up and running.

There is a way to avoid all this hassle by contacting the experts of this field: our company is a direct partner in setting up corporate accounts for our clients. There are a few exceptions by which you could still be entitled for a bank account without actually visiting the bank branch. You just need to pick one of the major banks in Europe proposed by us and after that all the paperwork will be done by us!

If opening a corporate account without any hassle is something which might be of interest to you then please contact us! Our company principals has more than 10 years of experience in opening corporate accounts and all our clients do is call, pay and then control their bank accounts over the internet or phone.