High Risk Merchant Accounts

If you are the owner of a business with a high turnover or industry which involves a high risk of fraud or has a high credit rate, then EU Merchant Account will help you open a special “High Risk Merchant Account”. It is very important to distinguish the difference between the normal and the high risk merchant account; normal accounts may have much higher fees and refusals from several banks when your business lies within high risk industry, whether transactions are legitimate or not. EU Merchant Accounts has more than 3 years of experience in that field and has managed to establish strong connections with several big brands from high-risk industries which helps the company to always develop the product and offer the best services of high risk merchant accounts available in Europe.

You are probably wondering what kind of industries fall under the “high risk” category? We made our own list, which we recommend you to stick to in order to reduce the financial risks of your company.

  • Online gambling (Poker, Casino, Lottery)
  • Online financial services (Loans, Debt Services, Forex, Binary Options)
  • Adult entertainment
  • Online alcohol and tobacco shops
  • Online booking services (concerts/events, travels, hotels)
  • Luxury (jewellery, fashion, beauty, watches)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Multilevel marketing (MLM)
  • Startups

Overall, it could be said that any industry which has to deal with clients holding a bad credit rating or the online business itself is more prone to be attacked by hackers and scammers and could be listed under “high risk” category. By choosing the high risk merchant account you stimulate business growth by increasing sales and at the same time you reduce the risks of fraud. Considering the fact that not all business companies offer high risk merchant account services EMA has enough experience to be the perfect place for e-commerce, gambling and online financial business owners. We can guarantee that all your transactions will undergo a thorough fraud check whilst your customers receive a secure, fast and hassle-free service.

Well-known consultancy companies have shown through their research that online merchants which offer customers an option to pay via bank card have more sales than merchants which only use e-Wallets. If your client wants to pay via credit card and you cannot offer them this option, he is more likely to go to another merchant rather than to go through the tricky and sometimes insecure process of creating an e-wallet with a 3rd party. EU Merchant Account is here to help you solve this problem so you could provide a safe and secure transaction service in an affordable way to all of your customers in the high risk industry.

Our business model helps us to take on board 99% of all “high risk” business owners who want to open a merchant account for their company. If you still have any questions or would like to open high risk merchant account right now, please contact us!