Evolvement of online payments

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Evolvement of online payments

If we look at what was popular online to accept payments, then you will remember than bank cards or cash on delivery were the most popular options in Europe to pay for goods or services on the internet. Later some of the eWallets were introduced like Moneybookers, Neteller and PayPal, which took some of the online payments processing systems popularity from bank payments. In summer 2016 Apple have launched a popular mobile payment method for web customers, meaning that online customers will be able to process transactions with Apple Pay. By the looks of it Apple Pay will be fully launched and available across thousands of website closer to September 2016.

Process of paying online with Apple Pay is very simple, you finish your transaction through mobile application or by Touch ID. It will be some sort of pop-up, and because iOS is very informative and high-end software, then the whole process will be even easier than paying with PayPal. With such move Apple have moved into the most popular industry of payments. Financial industry experts have shared their rumours about Apple buying out PayPal as the biggest online payment solutions will be left behind with a new solution from Apple. Currently Apple Pay will be available for internet customers only in US, and later it will be launched in Switzerland, France and Hong Kong. Moreover, Apple Pay could be easily integrated with all messaging apps, thanks to the iMessage Apps SDK available for developers, creating a whole new level of shopping online.

If you have seen the recent TechCrunch video about updating the iOS, then they show how it will easy be to buy tickets or anything through the native apps like Facebook messenger in the near future. Here is the video:

As you can see future is all about online payments, where cash will be involved only in third world countries, an in small shops, whereas online there will be bunch of ePayments including Apple Pay, Google Pay and others. If you are interested in being the leading merchant in the eCommerce industry in the payment sector then please contact our experts who will help you to integrate all the newest and the most convenient payment gateways for your customers!

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